Free massages for police officers

Free massages for police officers in April at Emeryville school – San Jose Mercury News.

By Kristin Bender
Oakland Tribune

Emeryville — Following the killings of Oakland police Sgts. Mark Dunakin, Erv Romans, Daniel Sakai, and Officer John Hege on March 21, the National Holistic Institute massage school will be offering free massages to any police officer in the East Bay who is feeling stress from the tragedy, institute spokesman Patrick Galvin said.

Stressed out? How the economy wears you down

Stressed out? How the economy wears you down – How the economy is affecting sleep, diet, weight, relationships, addictions, well-being, and depression. – Los Angeles Times.

An image series with extended captions. It’s worth reading each full captions, but I do have favorites. Only time to check on one or two? I recommend reflecting on the influence of economic stress on sleep, diet, and addiction. It’s always important not to neglect relationships, but financial stress can make it that much more of a challenge.

Take some time for yourself. Get outside when the weather’s nice. Need some help with stress management? Schedule a massage, see your acupuncturist, or if you need more help, don’t hesitate to seek counseling. Life will have it’s ups and downs. Sometimes extra steps are needed to make sure it doesn’t become overwhelming.

Health Care Tuesday on Daily Kos

Aside for the regular politics that are featured on Daily Kos, there are also regular features that are brought up that make the site a decent place to check in on news that otherwise doesn’t show up in one place. Health Care Tuesday is one such feature. Today points out Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post, the perspectives on food safety and the FDA, links from Kaiser, WebMD, the AP, and the Washington Post. Take in the summaries, or follow the links for more, it’s worth checking out.

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Obama pushes centers as one focus of health reform | Reuters

Obama pushes centers as one focus of health reform | Reuters.

By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama has been vague about details of his healthcare reform efforts, but he provided a hint on Monday of one direction he could take — community health centers.

As he announced the nominations of his two top health executives, Obama highlighted the allocation of $155 million to 126 community health centers as part of the $787 billion economic stimulus package.

“These health centers will expand access to care by helping people in need — many with no health insurance — obtain access to comprehensive primary and preventive health care services,” Obama told a news conference.

Community health centers should provide an effective and economical alternative to hospital care, and especially emergency room care as a primary health care model. Used properly, our focus can be on preventative and health care maintenance rather than urgent an emergency care, thus theoretically reducing the burden and cost of urgent and emergency care services.