Half Moon Bay clinic abruptly shuts its doors

Half Moon Bay clinic abruptly shuts its doors. From SFGate, The San Francisco Chronicle Online

Because Coastside cared for the insured and uninsured, it did not qualify for a federal program that offers significant reimbursements to clinics serving the poor. Of Coastside’s 8,000 patients, 6,000 had private insurance, with the remainder uninsured or receiving Medicare or Medi-Cal. Rising costs of health care, coupled with a drop in donations and grants, finally did the center in.

“This was the largest provider of care in Half Moon Bay,” said San Mateo County Supervisor Rich Gordon. “They were a nonprofit clinic that kept closing the gap with grants and contributions.”

Gordon said that in an attempt to keep the clinic open, the county had taken over Coastside’s lease in August, not charging any rent.

“In the end, there was a critical gap between income and expenses,” Gordon said. “I’m saddened that this happened and I know there’s a huge emotional toll.”

One more reminder of the urgency of reforming our health care system.

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