A nice intro to Chinese medicine

From the Los Angeles Times Travel section

Chinese medicine classes teach ancient remedies

In Hong Kong, foreigners can learn what herbs and other unusual ingredients may cure an illness.

By Judith Fein
10:51 AM PDT, April 09, 2009

The world is divided into two categories: those who get the flu, and those who don’t. Not only did I fall into the former, but it happened a week before my scheduled departure for Taiwan and Hong Kong. “Nobody goes to Hong Kong with the flu,” my husband, Paul, said.

Achy and exhausted, I had feverish nightmares of the “C” word (cancel); I had never backed out of a trip in my life. It was touch-and-go until the last minute . . . and then it became go.


I decided to see a Chinese doctor. I am no stranger to Chinese medicine, but I was a stranger to how they prescribe and take Asian medicine in Taiwan.

Judith Fein discusses both an experience that sent her to Chinese medicine for treatment as well as a class about Chinese Medicine that she took while traveling in Hong Kong. One thing of note is one example of the way Chinese herbs are used. In my training, I have experience with hundreds of decoctions which I fondly refer to as essence of forest floor. Whether ingesting Malibu sand or essence of forest floor, Chinese herbal medicine is fantastic when properly employed.

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