A San Francisco Sunset for Wally Walker

Wally Walker passed away in late May. He had just recently celebrated his 64th birthday. Sunday, ACTCM and the Alumni Association held a memorial service for him at the beautiful and historic Swedenborgian Church in San Francisco. Many friends came to pay their respects and share some of their love for and memories of Wally. While I didn’t take my camera with me because I wanted to be 100% present for the memorial, I did bring it out once I got home. I wanted to share these with you as we say goodbye to Wally’s physical presence, but welcome his spirit into our hearts, and wish him well on his journey onward.

There is just a little more below the photos.





In the past 15 years, Wally Walker has given a lot to the ACTCM community. But I think there can be little doubt that one of his greatest contributions was the work he did to create a successful Alumni Association. Without his work, alumni services would not exist for ACTCM. I knew Wally as a great advocate for the students and alumni of ACTCM, and never met him without hearing words of encouragement from him, as well as feeling the warmth of his joyful spirit. The college has set up a scholarship fund to preserve and build on his legacy as a passionate advocate for the students of ACTCM.

Rest in Peace, Wally Walker.