Embracing the Year of the White Tiger

Has life gotten a little more… interesting than usual lately? Perhaps a circumstance or two moving with a wee bit more alacrity than usual. Or perhaps feeling like it’s careening wildly out of control? (Health reform, anyone?)

Beyond their entertainment value, I’m not  usually that into astrology. On the other hand, life clearly goes through many cycles: seasonal,  annual, biological, economic, political, etc.  Events in my life, in the lives of several people and groups around me, and even national and world events make me think this is a time of change marking a new cycle. As these changes are coming at the start of the Chinese Lunar New Year, I’m  persuaded to make note of this Year of the Metal Tiger.

Before getting into the significance according to Chinese astrology, I want to note that President Obama has now been in office for a little over one year, giving time for the beginning of change from the previous administration to take effect. Some changes in the culture of Washington are starting to show like new growth in spring following a long, dark winter. While there is a new flow of information and more openness than has ever existed before, at least to my knowledge, there are complaints about back room deals and that things are not as open as we were told they would be. Things do not change overnight.

Even amid the start of culture change in Washington,  there are those who went to halt progress and keep things essentially as they have been. These efforts to conduct arguments on old premises and theories which had been ascendant for over thirty years have brought out stark contrast in different elements of Washington culture as well as anti-Washington culture. Obstructionism and anti-government sentiment have been brought to new heights. At the same time, our financial system, though still in trouble, has been brought back from the edge of collapse. We are closer to  historic health care reforms than we have been in about 100 years of reform efforts.

I could go on and offer greater detail, but the point I want to make is not about politics or our political culture. I merely wish to establish the context that this is a time of significant change. Within that context, I’d like to suggest that looking at this time through the lens of the lunar new year can offer a foundation to supply some meaning to these changes. With that, let’s have some fun and look at 2010, the Year of the White Tiger, also referred to as the Year of the Metal Tiger.

In simple terms, tiger characters are active and aggressive. In Chinese astrology, tigers are also noted to be brave and generous, protective of their friends and community, and relentless opponents when challenged. The metal element of the tiger this year can be interpreted as gold, meaning the year may bring financial opportunities and innovations. (On a personal note, I’ve seen this aspect already, with new job opportunities coming in quick succession following a disturbingly lean year previously .) On the other hand, metal is also opposed to wood, tiger’s natural element, meaning this could be a very tumultuous year, presenting many challenges. Challenges though, are not in themselves negative. They can also be opportunities.

Following an unusually difficult year myself, recent changes for me have been positive, so  I’m even more inclined to look at the challenges  of the upcoming year as opportunities. For the potential challenges and turmoil that come my way, I look to them as part of the current cycle, and face them calm in the knowledge  that I am prepared to address them. I also take a measure of comfort that everyone else is facing the same cycle of activity and challenges, and know we can look to each other for support.

I was born in the year of the pig, also known as boar, or as my tai chi teacher once said, mu shu pork.  I’d like to share with you some of my horoscopes for the Year of the Tiger.

The Pig

The Pig is an innocent, sweet and lovable personality. They can also be quite melancholy and over-sensitive. The Pig loves the company of others, and adores parties, gossip and chit chat. They are highly intelligent, but prefer to keep this side of their nature under wraps. The Pig does not care that much for money, but is one of the zodiac signs that is very lucky.

Forecast for 2010

The Pig loves activity and challenges and the Year of the Tiger will certainly provide this. There may be additional financial pressure on the Pig this year, but with prudent spending and consideration, this need not be a problem. The Pig is an open, friendly soul and very trusting, but this year he must be wary. It’s possible that gossip may prove too tempting or that he may listen to false advice, causing upset and trouble. Be guarded and careful this year! The Pig must ensure that he follows up all correspondence or financial dealings – to delay or overlook details will prove costly. Short, fun, unplanned trips will feature throughout the year and will be excellent for off-setting any stresses and pressure the Year of the Tiger may bring. Interest in spirituality and self-development will be to the fore and any opportunity to study and explore these should be taken. November to January will provide excellent opportunities for changing career direction or to find a new job. August to December will prove particularly social, with many fun occasions and opportunities to make new friends.

Interesting Pig Facts

Zodiac Stone: Ruby

Special Flower: Chrysanthemum

Best Hours: 9-11 pm

Season: Autumn

Horoscope Colors: Purple, Red, White

From WayangTimes.com

A little shallow in some judgments of pig personalities, but interesting in many respects. And funnily enough, I do find that I tend to be a night person, with extra energy between 9-11pm.

How the Pig fares:

As a Pig sign person you are the fortunate recipient of not only that famous Tiger luck but also of Metal’s benefit, as it is the element most favorable to you. This is amply demonstrated by your looking forward to so many, positive months in 2010. Even your nemesis, the Snake, can only bring you a neutral one. It is likely to be an exciting time, even a little wild. One key to your success is maintaining self control. You can bet there will be occasions where it will not be easy. Enjoy the ride but do not let yourself get caught up in all the drama. Odds are you cannot keep up with the Tiger the whole way through. Conserve your energy and be ready to hop on your ship when it sails.

From OnlineChineseAstrology.com

Based on the year’s beginning. I’m hopeful this is a reasonably accurate forecast.

Pig (1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007)

Positive: Gallant, kind-hearted, and sincere. Pigs rarely lose their temper and always try to avoid arguing.

Negative: Materialistic and pig-headed. These individuals have a problem saying “no” — to people, and to food!

Chinese Astrology Horoscope 2010 for the Pig: While the love life is expected to be much improved for the Pig in 2010, the year is sure to demand much from these people, and sometimes too much. Money matters should be steady and strong. Exercising self-control will be especially important. Reducing your load and responsibilities if at all possible might also help. Uncomfortable with the quick pace of the year, you might feel uneasy and restless at times, but you will do well helping others through rough patches.

From CafeAstrology.com

While I would generally dispute the materialistic component cited here, and consider myself more open-minded than pig-headed, it does feel like this may be a bit more of a materialistic time for me than usual. I think that comes partly from having to be exceptionally restrained for the past year. I particularly like the prospects for an improved love life this prediction offers. But then almost anything would be an improvement over non-existent.

About the Year of the Tiger, generally.

The Tiger  is the third sign of the Chinese Zodiac. It is a courageous, authoritative, charismatic, initiating, competitive, dynamic, adventurous, and dramatic sign. Ruling over the first month of spring, other themes associated with the Tiger are renewal, initiative, changefulness, and new beginnings.

The Year of the Tiger 2010  is a Yang Metal year, and it’s a year of much activity, drama, changefulness, crisis, and unpredictability. Tiger years are associated with political and social instability or upheaval. Metal is not a very compatible element for Tiger (Tiger prefers Wood and Fire), and thus 2010 is expected to be challenging and turbulent overall. Nevertheless, the Tiger does prefer Yang, and 2010 is a Yang year, which strengthens matters somewhat. It is strong for technological advances and innovations.

The overall theme is one of change and unpredictability, and so all signs will benefit from remaining flexible and adaptable to changeful conditions in 2010. While caution and moderation were advised in 2009, the Year of the Ox, flexibility and the ability to deal with change are essential qualities in 2010.

The Tiger’s independent, innovative, assertive, leading, and honorable traits are qualities that will be especially favored in the year of the Tiger.

From CafeAstrology.com

Hot passion meets cold steel with the arrival of the year of the Metal Tiger. This combined sign signifies both the energy to begin activity and the determination to follow it through to the end. Forget about last year’s slow plodding. Events set in motion now will pick up speed and continue until either the objective is attained or the whole endeavor crashes and burns.

Bold, cold Metal rules in contrast to last year’s pragmatic, calculating Earth. This difference will be all the more dramatic as 2010 is a dynamic, Yang year. Metal’s Yang aspect is extremely aggressive and does not tolerate opposition.

Unfortunately Metal has a destructive relationship with the Tiger’s fixed element, Wood. In fact this is the fifth in a run of six years governed by an unlucky conflict of elements. This should come as no surprise given the recent history of US and world financial markets, massive numbers of foreclosures in the housing sector, and the terrible tragedy that is Iraq today.

The combination of Metal and Tiger is not, however, a totally negative one. Together they represent the kind of force necessary to accomplish the most difficult tasks. The impossible just might be possible during this exciting time.


The only thing we can say for sure is the year 2010 will be a tumultuous one. This is true for individuals, societies and the human race in general. It’s perhaps a better time for knocking down walls than building them. People who thirst for adventure and can reign in their emotions could experience a thrilling and rewarding year. Those who seek peace and harmony might find themselves running for cover more than a few times.

From Astrology.com

The Year of The Tiger begins on February 14th 2010. Drama, intensity, change and travel will be the keywords for 2010. Unfortunately, world conflicts and disasters tend to feature during Tiger years also, so it won’t be a dull 12 months for anyone. The Year of the Tiger will bring far reaching changes for everyone. New inventions and incredible technological advances have a good chance of occurring. For all of the Chinese horoscope signs, this year is one to be active – seizing opportunities and making the most of our personal and very individual talents. Everything happens quickly and dramatically in a Tiger year – blink and you could miss an important chance of a lifetime!

From WayangTimes.com

A word of caution.

2010 is Year of Tiger and it will arrive on February 14, 2010. Many people must be eager to know they have better luck in the coming year than 2009. Here, we want to use Chinese Astrology Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth) theory to explain people fortune in 2010 and foresee what will be happening to them in year of Tiger.

According to Chinese Five Element Astrology Calendar, 2010 is the Year of Metal Tiger . Gold is related to Metal and money. People who like to talk about wealth will say that 2010 is a Golden Tiger year. In Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth)  theory, the color representing metal is White. Therefore, we also can say that 2010 is the Year of White Tiger. The White Tiger is connected to the symbol of jinx in China history. Some Chinese might consider that 2010 White Tiger is a bad year.

Chinese Astrology is a Balance Theory of Five Elements. Each animal can be converted into Five Elements. Tiger contains Mainly Wood, Fire and little Earth. Wood and Fire together will make Fire stronger. Metal is afraid of Fire and Metal is also against Wood. That means Metal and Tiger together will fight each other, which implies 2010 won’t come quietly and peacefully. We can image that 2010 is a Tiger wearing armor. This Tiger doesn’t like armor on the top its body and keeps jumping around. For  safety, we should keep our distance from it. That’s why many Chinese don’t like White Tiger.

Tiger has the potential to become vigorous, ferocious and cruel. So Tiger is a symbol of power and authority. This kind of personality is good for the leadership. With the inflexible and destructive personality, Tiger has very poor people relationship, especially, with family members. In traditional customary, Chinese family don’t invite people born in year of Tiger to involve private wedding ceremony.

From chinesefortunecalendar.com

What will the year hold for you?

2010 Chinese Year of the Tiger Horoscopes by Sign

From Astrology.com

Other forecasts for each sign , including lists of years to help find your sign if you don’t know it.



Happy Valentines Day! May you have a prosperous New Year, filled with opportunity, growth, and adventure!

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