A Dream of Creating a New Health Care Paradigm

Among my activities, I organize a Meetup group: San Francisco Integrative Health Networking. On September 30th, I held a meetup in which I described a bit about my dreams for the group. I recorded the meeting so that those who were interested, but unable to attend would still be able to see what was discussed. I am also looking for feedback to help refine these thoughts.

One person participated in the discussion with me, but did not wish to be on camera, so the video portion is just me.

I’ve embedded videos of the presentation & discussion below the fold.

Here’s the link to view this playlist on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=BEFB57FDA82BD3CD

Background & Definitions of Integrative Medicine

Note: I believe I mistakenly cited the Mayo Clinic as being in Wisconsin, when I should have said Minnesota.

Electronic Health Records & Social Media

Provider Virtual Network

Integrative Medicine Education Project

Integrative Clinic & School

Discussion (3 Parts)

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