Awesome Massage Deals for October

This month I celebrated my 40th birthday. As a gift to you and to expand my home practice, I’m offering as much as $95 worth of discounts through the end of this month.

The first deal is available only to new clients at my home practice: $40 for a 1 hour massage. That’s a $35 savings off the regular price, and is available through the end of October for an initial visit for new clients.

The second deal is available through Yelp to both new and returning clients, and may be used twice. You may purchase 1 or 2 certificates for $45 each, saving $30 each time on the regular price of a 1 hour massage. These certificates are good for up to 1 year from the date of purchase. I haven’t set an end to the Yelp deal yet – it depends on how well the promotion goes.

For the best deal, new clients may use both the $40 special for new clients as well as 2 of the Yelp deals, for a total savings of $95 for 3 hours of massage. The Yelp deal may also be purchased as a gift for loved ones.

Feel free to call or email to schedule. I’ve also posted my Google calendar below the fold so you can see my availability. Mondays-Thursdays, same day appointments are frequently available with an hour or two notice (call to schedule).
415-647-2829 or

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