“Countless people can practice massage but how many of those practitioners take the time to understand their client’s issues and customize a program that works best for them? Scott is more than a massage therapist. He really cares about his clients and their overall health. As someone who is dedicated to holistic healing, he takes a very integrated approach which focuses on long term health and well being.” – Renee Blodgett, President, Blodgett Communications & Founder, Magic Sauce Media


bonsai51“I’ve been working with Scott for more than two years, and I’m dedicated to his healing techniques.  His work is grounded in a vast knowledge of the healing arts and a truly gifted expertise.  I’ve worked with bodyworkers for more than 20 years, and Scott has more than “the touch”– he has a gift  I recommend him highly and without reservation to anyone looking for a wholistic approach to their body’s health and vibrancy.” – JoAnneh


bonsai41“Scott is the type of person who cares about his client (s). He is very technical in his specialization of body massage/therapy and Chinese medicine. Scott is an expert with the human body and the way in which it functions – AND the way it should function! Scott has the ability to focus and understand a patient’s injury or problem, thus making it possible for that patient to understand what is ailing them. Scott has a very thorough approach to healing the body. Scott is professional, honest and is very comfortable to be around. I guarantee that if you hire him for massage therapy, he will be your message therapist for life!” – Craig Johnson, via LinkedIn


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